Within the Excite 2.0 Erasmus for Your Entrepreneurs (EYE) Programme, we are looking for Dutch young founders or entrepreneurs (NE) willing to bring their innovative ideas into the following Spanish cultural and creative industries.

KULTIBA: https://kultiba.net/

Kultiba is a cultural organization that advises and facilitates cultural changes in organizations. They would like a NE that could provide them a different, new and/or complementary vision related to new services and /or methodologies to innovate. In particular, they would like to have someone to undertake tasks related to service and product design. They need someone with command of Spanish.

ART FOR LIFE!: www.artforlife.es

Art for Life! is a platform aimed at undertaking collective creative processes. They are looking for someone that could provide her support to the creative dynamics she undertakes.

CEREBRITI: https://edu.cerebriti.com

Cerebriti is a platform aimed at introducing gaming in schools for educational purposes.

They wants to have a fresh insight on his business and to get more ideas on how to improve the website as well as the communication channels and so on. He thinks the NE could benefit from his experience and expertise on business creation. He would like a proactive and creative person who could generate ideas. Needs to be motivated to learn new things. The host entrepreneur feels comfortable working in English, German and Spanish

IDEOLAB: https://ideolab.com/

Ideolab is a studio specialized in creativity, strategy and design. They provide creative ideas in order to solve communication needs and problems. The work will be related to marketing, branding and web pages. They are searching a NE to help them in developing their Digital Strategy.

In case you are interested in any of these offers, please contact us at ecbn.verdet@gmail.com or apply here: https://www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu/index.php?lan=nl

What is Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs about?

With no age limit, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme gives an opportunity for the Dutch founders and willing-to-start entrepreneurs (“new entrepreneurs”) across Europe to link themselves with experienced businessmen in another EU country.

Are you a new entrepreneur from outside the Netherlands? We can put you in contact with other national partners in the Consortium. Contact us for more!

If you are a Dutch experienced entrepreneur from the cultural creative sectors and want to host a founder and new entrepreneur from other countries in Europe, contact us at ecbn.verdet@gmail.com