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For the first time, ECBN will host the Easy Landing Day during the ARTSPLUS Frankfurt 2017.

Internationalisation is a very real challenge for European startups. The market is fragmented and many companies looking to scale-up face a myriad of bureaucratic and cultural obstacles which inhibit their ability to grow.


The Easy Landing Day is a one day event where we ask creative multipliers to get together and focus on two tasks:

1. Discuss practices and policies which make internationalisation easier and foster Europe as a single market.

2. Openly represent their country at the event. The event will be attended by startups looking to internationalise: if they have been contemplating a specific market, they can approach a representative from that country and explore the opportunities.


Cultural and Creative Industry entrepreneurs will have a one-stop-shop featuring a wide variety of country representatives, experienced and able to assist them with practical and useful knowledge and information to internationalise in their represented countries.

The Easy Landing Day will also provide a platform for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange; participating creative multipliers who possess an in-depth understanding of the internationalisation support that is available to cultural and creative industry entrepreneurs in their and other countries can share in this knowledge, perpetuating the long term impact of the Easy Landing Day.


If you would like to know more about the Easy Landing Day or if you would like to participate as either a CCI entrepreneur or as a business support organisation, feel free to contact us at info@ecbnetwork.eu

For exact details of the event, location and agenda, keep an eye on this post for updates.