Who we are

European Creative Business Network (ECBN) is a network of creative development agencies and creative centres. Our mission is to support the creative and cultural industries to internationalise – to do business and to collaborate across Europe

What we do

ECBN provides European Services and Tools to its members, like creative companies and entrepreneurs, agencies and creative centres, cities and regions – such as Trade Missions, Easy Landing Points or Digital Marketplace, which are defined and developed further on a year to year basis in ECBN board meetings.

EU Projects

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Hands-on Guide: from creative industries to the wider economy ?!

Researchers and practitioners suffer alike when it comes to cross-overs between creative industries and other sectors in the wider economy: Insights and empirical results are lacking to derive a theory as well as concrete guidelines, a double gap: Why and How ? In a new - by the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries [...]

Innovation: What are the benefits for creative industries ?

new alliances, festivals, policies, conferences, leading funding agencies or best practice entrepreneurs - all around the latest trends in innovation are featured in the ecbn Newsletter September 2017. Innovation is the Trend-Topic in this policy and conference autumn 2017 We are all aware of policy and markets hypes - of its advantages and disadvantages. Let [...]

THE ARTS+ Innovation Summit for the Creative Sectors

Innovation will be crucial for the EU to stay at the forefront of global competition and growth – this applies also to the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI). To this end the European Parliament, the European Commission and the OECD started initiatives to improve the regulatory ecology and the market conditions for the CCI. The [...]

Europe @Cross-Roads – A New Agenda for Innovation

7. European Creative Industries Summit November 27 2017 Representation of the State of North Rhine Westphalia, Brussels   Europe @Cross-Roads A New Agenda for Innovation   New products, new services and even new markets: while innovations have become increasingly part of our daily routines, European and national policy makers focus also anew on innovation as [...]