Projects & Actions 2017 – 2018

European Creative Industries Summit

Collaboration with The Arts Plus, the creative business festival at the Frankfurt Book-Fair, to start the Innovation Summit 2017.

Research on Cultural Creative Spillovers

Participation in the Brexit-Hearing of the Committee for Culture of the European Parliament
Global Manifest of ENCATC
Exhibition Meet & Match at the Forum Europe Ruhr
Participation & speech at Creative Ukraine

New for members only:
Member Exchange: MIX

Projects & Actions 2011 – 2017

Trade Mission (2011 – 2014)

One of the first actions of ECBN from 2011 to 2014 was the Trade Mission: a 3 day event for creative entrepreneurs to co-create a product idea and pitch to investor or cooperations partners such as BBC or PICNIC.

Study Tours (2013 – 2016)

In 2013 ECBN started to organize explorative visits to creative cities such as London, Madrid, Berlin and Kopenhagen. An in-depth tour with back stage talks for the participants provided insights in the inner fabric and development of the city.

European Creative Industries Summit (2010 – on going)

From the very start ECBN understood its main task in filling the gap between European policy makers and cultural and creative industries by creating for the very time a yearly conference in Brussels, the European Creative Industries Summit, also being called the ECBN Policy Forum which took place as early as 2010.

Research on Cultural Creative Spillover (2015 – on going)

Advocacy (2010 – on going)
European Culture Forum 2016
Hearing Intergroup Creative Industries at the European Parliament 2016
Voices of Culture 2015 – 2016
European Culture Forum 2013