Policy, Business, Education, Research and Tech in the Creative Industries

Sept 10 – 16, 2018

Sept 10, 2018, Creative England: Creative England Investment Programme 2012-17: Impact Report

“We are supporting job creation across the English Regions. We seek to support regions in need to create jobs and grow eco-systems. Read our impact report at: http://www.creativeengland.co.uk/story/creative-england-investment-programme-2012-17-impact-report”.

Sept 11, 2018, THE ARTS+: Goodbye Comfort Zone, Hello Future – Keynote with Frank Thelen at the ARTS+

“Frank Thelen, serial founder, technology investor and best-known juror of the tv show „Die Höhle der Löwen“ on VOX  will give an inspiring keynote about abandoning the comfort zone and take the plunge. His keynote „Goodbye comfort zone, hello future“ will take place on THE ARTS+ runway in hall 4.1. on Friday, October 12, 2018 at 14.15 Uhr.”. More info at: https://theartsplus.com/2018/08/27/goodbye-comfort-zone-hello-future-keynote-with-frank-thelen-at-the-arts/

Sept 11, 2018, Puglia Creativa: “Matchmaking Event for Creative and Cultural Industries in the Med Area” (24-25 ottobre 2018, Bari)

“@PugliaCreativa organizza il “Matchmaking Event for Creative and Cultural Industries in the Med Area” dal 24 al 25 ottobre 2018 a Bari @ChIMERA_med”.

Sept 12, 2018, A&H Hub: Take the survey and contribute to the study “Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Education Programmes in Higher Education Institutions and Centres (EEEPHEIC)”

“.@EU_Commission aims to develop a tool for #evaluation of impact of #Entrepreneurship #education programs, organized by #HEI, on #students. We are happy to support the #partnership guided by @Ecorys working on it! @EUErasmusPlus”. Access the educator survey here, and the student survey here.

Sept 13, 2018, NEMO Office: NEMO’s 26th Annual Conference “Museums Out Of The Box! The crossover impact of museums” (Valletta, Malta, 15-18 November 2018)

“Connect with museums all over Europe at NEMO’s 26th Annual Conference! From 15-18 Nov., NEMO will gather museum and culture professionals in Valletta, Malta, to explore the crossover impact of museums at #NEMOac18 Register: http://bit.ly/RegistrationNEMO18 Info: http://www.ne-mo.org/ac18”.

Sept 13, 2018, Arts Professional: Academics and arts sector join forces in £80m creative clusters scheme

“Funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council will also support a new Policy and Evidence Centre, aiming to improve decision-making in the creative industries”. Read full article at: https://www.artsprofessional.co.uk/news/academics-and-arts-sector-join-forces-ps80m-creative-clusters-scheme

Sept 14, 2018, ecce: NICE Award: Internationalisation for a Better World

“Open Call for our NICE Award: Internationalisation for a Better World – A Call for cultural creative #entrepreneurs to make change happen! Aply Now! At https://www.e-c-c-e.de/nice-award.html #niceaward #entrepreneur #award”.

Sept 15, 2018, StartUp Europe Award: Be the next partner of @StartUpEUAwards! (Extended deadline!)“Deadline extended to 23 September. All the information and contact: http://startupeuropeawards.eu/partner-startup-europe-awards/”.

Sept 16, 2018, Nesta: Some ideas are more equal than others. Exploring patterns of participation in UK startups

“What characteristics do you need to build a startup? We analysed over 19K startups, their teams and founders. Here’s what we learnt https://www.nesta.org.uk/blog/some-ideas-are-more-equal-others/”.