Follow your Art funds initiative

Republished by ECBN from: Follow your Art

The spread of the covid-19 pandemic is hitting the art and culture sector in a shocking and unprecedented way. All performances, festivals, concerts, exhibitions have been cancelled since the early days of the covid-19 spread. Independent artists and operators as well as contract workers are left without work and revenues. This already fragile community of art providers is undergoing very difficult times without any certainty for the near, medium or even far future, leaving them behind, struggling to fulfill their very basic needs. Follow your art is collecting funds to help them secure part of their very basic needs such as covering bills, rent, credits, food and hopefully give them some relief and contribute to support them following their Art.

If you are an artist in need of relief funds, click here to take the application survey. Follow your Art aims to support independent artists and freelance art workers whose event, concert, festival, performance, etc. has been canceled because of the lockdown.

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