Creative Industries in the Netherlands at a regional level: U Create

Creative industries are stimulated at a European, national and regional level. At a European level, [...]

Cross-overs as an instrument towards a creative economy?

In the Netherlands, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science together with the Ministry of [...]

Study Tour 2016: Copenhagen & Malmö

ECBN is launching their annual study tour of the creative industries, in partnership with the Dutch Creative Residency network. After [...]

Innovative & Flexible; The Creative Industries in the Netherlands

The Creative Industries of the Netherlands -  Frits Grotenhuis In the Netherlands nine so-called topsectors [...]

Speaker Presentations; ECIS 2016

At this years European Creative Industry Summit we invited a number of speakers from across [...]

Coherent industrial policies for the cultural and creative industries: The next big step ?! 

- Today a new initial report is presented in the European Parliament  -  "CCI's in [...]